Tendons, ligaments, and muscles are dense tissues. As a result, they naturally receive limited blood flow and this is precisely why injuries to these tissues take so long to heal.

To accelerate the healing process, the recommended dose of Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid is injected into the injured area and surrounding soft tissue. When needed, an ultrasound or x-ray may be used for guidance. These injections are performed in an office or hospital setting, with a licensed physician.

For many, one injection is all that is needed to repair the injured muscle, ligament or tendon. However, additional injections may be required depending on the severity and type of injury.


Torn Achilles

-Patient B.R. came in with a torn Achilles tendon. After a dose of Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid, he was fitted with a walking boot. Two weeks later, B.R. reported, “it felt like it never had been injured in the first place”.

LCL Injury

-Patient C.B. had a lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury. She felt her knee was going to collapse anytime there was the slightest sideways movement. After treatment, C.B. reported that her knee was as strong as ever and she could play soccer again.

Torn Pectoral Muscle

-Patient D.S. “I am a weight lifter and I enjoy working out hard. One day I pushed myself too far and ended up with a torn pec. It was extremely painful and very slow to heal. My doctor recommended I try the liquid allograft and within 3 weeks, I was back to my normal routine pain free.”