JOINT TREATMENTS WITH Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid

The newest research shows that liquid allograft generates unprecedented results and for many, it reduces joint pain significantly. The natural growth factors in liquid allograft have the ability to minimize and repair the damage caused by injuries or disease.

These growth factors are known to facilitate the migration and proliferation of cells to the site of injury and construct a natural scaffold on which new tissue growth can occur.

Liquid allograft also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent while it works to heal, regenerate and replace damaged soft tissue. Some patients feel a reduction in inflammation within hours of the treatment; the healing process will continue for weeks as it replaces the damaged cells.

A single dose of liquid allograft is injected into the injured joint and surrounding soft tissue. These injections are performed by a licensed physician in an office or hospital setting. This technique also applies to injections into a bursa or tendon sheath to treat bursitis and tendonitis respectively.

All joints, large and small, may be safely treated with liquid allograft and the procedure is relatively pain free. Hip joint treatments may require the aid of an ultrasound or X-ray called fluoroscopy for guidance. Some small joints may also be more easily injected with aid of ultrasound.

For many, one  injection is all it takes  to see significant  improvement in the  damaged joint. In some cases, additional injections may be required depending on the severity and type of injury.

Our Liquid Allograft is non-steroidal and has had no adverse reactions reported. It is also safe for all ages.


My knees are pain free

-Patient M.P. “It has been 5 and a half months. I’m doing well. My knees are pain free; the swelling is gone in both knees. The spacing of the bones are fine and the cartilage is looking good.”

Forgot I had a bad wrist

-Patient F.H. “About 2 weeks after I received the liquid allograft, I noticed that the pain had significantly subsided and without thinking I was using my left hand and wrist more naturally. I literally forgot I had a bad wrist.”

Ankle & Foot Treatment

-Patient R.S. “The pain was so bad I had given up playing tennis and hiking. Even walking around at work was painful. Now, after two treatments, I am back doing all the things I love pain free.”