At Ariel Rising LLC, our mission is to provide physicians and med spa owners with premium Bio-Active Regenerative products and NAD+ treatments. Our proprietary labs have developed unparalleled products, meeting Ariel’s strict quality standards to ensure every patient receives the best treatment available today. Incorporating Ariel’s products into your practice or business will provide new income opportunities while treating your customers with the very best natural medicine available. JOIN ARIEL’S MISSION HERE.


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BENEFITS OF Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid TREATMENTS

Ongoing research shows that Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid generates unprecedented results and for many, it enhances quality of life significantly. The natural growth factors in the Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid have the ability to minimize the damage caused by injuries or disease.

These growth factors are known to facilitate the migration and proliferation of cells to the site of injury and construct a natural scaffold on which new tissue growth can occur.

Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent while it works to heal, regenerate and replace damaged soft tissue. One can expect to see a reduction in inflammation within hours of the treatment, and the healing process will continue for weeks as it replaces the damaged cells. For many, one dose is all it takes to see significant improvement in their condition(s). The Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid is non-steroidal and has had no adverse reactions reported. It is also safe for all ages.

What Patients Are Saying About Ariel Med



I am a 44-year-old mother and ex college athlete. I played hard in my younger days and now even harder raising 3 boys. I have suffered with chronic shoulder and neck pain due to wear and tear through life. My labrum was torn to pieces and my first rib had a ton of consistent inflammation surrounding it. The pain would shoot down my arm and cause it to go cold. This has been on going for over 10 years. I had 2 injections in the shoulder and rib area and on a pain scale I went from a constant 8 for years to a 1-2 and I can work out and throw a ball with my boys. Quality of life has been re-established.
Kara- AZ

43-year-old business owner, avid golfer. I love to golf, but for 5 years I have had consistent elbow tendentious. I would have to wear a brace when I golfed or do any manual labor. I had my first injection and instantly felt some relief. I decided 6 weeks after the first injection to do a second ( my physician said if I could afford to do two, then lets do it) I did the second injection- and now a full 4 months later I do not wear a brace and I am enjoying my favorite sport again without the pain. Thank you to the team and their amazing products.

Jared- AZ