WOUND TREATMENTS WITH Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid

The newest research shows that Liquid Allograft generates unprecedented results and for many, it significantly helps heal wounds with
minimal scarring.

The natural growth factors in liquid allograft have the ability to minimize and repair the damage caused by injuries or disease. These growth factors are known to facilitate the migration and proliferation of cells to the site of injury and construct a natural scaffold on which new tissue growth can occur.

Liquid Allograft also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent while it works to heal, regenerate and replace damaged soft tissue. Some patients can see evidence of healing within days of the treatment; the healing process will continue for weeks as it replaces the damaged cells.

Once the wound has been thoroughly cleaned, a single dose of Liquid Allograft is injected into the wound and surrounding soft tissue.

Then a DualGraft Amnion Membrane Patch is placed over the wound. The membrane patch is packed with key growth factors and
cytokines that stimulate healing and promote the new growth.

The wound is then covered with an antimicrobial wound dressing. This dressing serves as a barrier to prevent infection. The dressing also has micro-batteries which create an electrical field that produces a one-volt charge over the surface of the wound for up to 21 days. This gives the damaged tissue a positive charge that speeds up the healing process and helps the wound heal more completely, while minimizing the formation of scar tissue.

One treatment is often all that is needed to fully heal a wound. In some cases, additional treatments may be required depending on the severity and type of injury.

Our Liquid Allograft is non-steroidal and has had no adverse reactions reported. It is also safe for all ages.


Chronic Leg Ulcer

-Patient J.J. “I had a leg ulcer for the past 18 months and it was constantly getting infected. My doctor tried everything and it just would not heal. We tried the liquid allograft and within 3 months, my leg ulcer was completely healed.”

Diabetic Foot Wound

-Patient T.S. “I have had an open foot wound for the past three years. My doctor was afraid I was going to lose my foot. We decided to try the liquid allograft and membrane patch. To my amazement, the wound closed up and my foot was saved. Truly a miraculous product!”

Hand Wound

-Patient C.G. “I injured my hand at work and it was taking forever to heal so my doctor recommended that I try the liquid allograft. The pain went away immediately and my hand healed very quickly.”