EYE TREATMENTS WITH Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid

The healing properties of Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid have been used to great success for eye conditions and eye injuries.  Treatment can be simple, yet spectacularly effective.

The Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid is mixed with sterile saline. Then an eyedropper is used to deliver the Bio-Active Regenerative Fluid directly to the eye and surrounding tissue, as a topical treatment. Treatment can often take place at home and is prescribed for a number of days. This allows the cornea, sclera, conjunctiva and tear ducts to be treated consistently so the healing and regenerative effects continue over time.

In certain conditions, your doctor will apply an Amnion Membrane (dHAMA) directly onto the eye. Once the dHAMA is rehydrated with sterile saline, it becomes lightweight and flexible, therefore providing an additional protective covering to the eye.

The dHAMA can be used as a biological bandage. This serves to protect the eye as it heals from a procedure or surgery and to provide additional healing of the eye and surrounding tissue. The doctor will determine how long the dHAMA is to stay on the eye before it is removed.


Eye Trauma

-Patient D.S. “I had an accident and injured my eye. I was afraid that I was going to have permanent damage. My doctor recommended the liquid allograft eye drops and dHAMA membrane. It worked miraculously – my eye was healed completely.”

Eye Ulcer

-Patient A.P. “I wear contacts and got an infection in my eye. This caused an eye ulcer which was very painful, and then I could only wear glasses. I used the eye drops and membrane and my eye healed within a week! Truly amazing.”

Chronic Dry Eyes

-Patient L.B. “I have had chronic dry eyes for years and nothing seemed to help. I used the liquid allograft drops at night for a few weeks and I am amazed at how much my eyes have improved.”