As an Ariel Med Sales Representative we welcome you to the Ariel Med Training & Sales Information portal. Here you will find educational resources about our products and supporting sales materials that you can use in the sales process.

We are constantly looking to improve the sales process for our Sales Representatives. If you do not see sales materials that may make the sales simpler and more streamlined we want to hear your recommendations and ideas.

DOCUMENT: Ariel Med Pricing Sheet
SUMMARY: Pricing of Ariel Med products

DOCUMENT: Axolotl Advanced Training
LAST UPDATE: 4-12-19
SUMMARY: Discusses the Axolotl products; Liquid and Membrane

DOCUMENT: Practice Customer Possible Insurance Reimbursement Documentation
LAST UPDATE: 4-12-19
SUMMARY: Explains the process for possible insurance reimbursements for products provided by Arial Med

LAST UPDATE: 4-12-19
SUMMARY: Frequently asked questions by doctors interested in Ariel Med products

DOCUMENT: Skype Training Information Dr. Martinez
LAST UPDATE: 4-12-19
SUMMARY: Dr. Martinez provides Skype training protocols for procedures using Ariel Med products

DOCUMENT: Ariel Med Practice Co-Marketing Information
LAST UPDATE: 4-12-19
SUMMARY: This information sheet describes the Ariel Med co-marketing program that Ariel Med providers can have exclusive access to