NAD+ is vital to how cells use energy, and a key to a robust metabolism. The discovery of NAD+ has been a revolution in the science of aging.

With intravenous NAD+ therapy, the molecule works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body including neurons in the brain. NAD+ has been proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells, and serve as an internal anti-inflammatory. NAD+ also helps overcome depression, anxiety and common mood disorders.

Intravenous use of NAD+ activates enzymes in the bloodstream called “sirtuins” which promote the “good” aspects of your genes. This reduces the side affects of aging, enabling one to stay healthier for longer. Compelling research shows that NAD+ has a unique ability to protect tissues, induce DNA repair, and increase life span. NAD+ therapy has also been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve athletic endurance, combat fatigue, reduce inflammation and lengthen telomeres.

NAD+ therapy can markedly decrease ischemic brain injury and stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline, thereby improving mood and brain function. NAD+ may also mediate brain aging and the tissue damage in various brain illnesses. A deficiency in NAD+ may trigger a host of metabolic and degenerative diseases – including loss of mental clarity, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, anxiety, Type II diabetes, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various other chronic illnesses.

In an experiment in mice, the team found that giving older mice NAD+ for just one week made 2-year-old-mice tissue resemble that of
6-month-old mice (in human years, that would be akin to a 60-year-old’s cells becoming more like those belonging to a 20-year-old). It is clear how important NAD+ is for the body, as it is involved in every bodily function and catalyzes more than a thousand metabolic reactions in the organs and tissues.



-Patient G.P. “From the very first day, the NAD+ enhanced all of my physical activities and senses. My memory is sharper and the visual benefits are amazing. It is truly the fountain of youth!”

Suffering with Parkinson’s

-Patient A.T. “I was treated by a hospital for Parkinson’s for over 8 years and it was ineffective. I felt I had nothing to lose so I tried NAD+ and within the first few days, my tremors went away. I no longer stumble when I walk or slur my speech. My quality of life has improved 100%.”

Recovering from Fatigue

-Patient P.R. “I was in stall mode and ready to crash. I could only work a few hours a day and nothing else was helping. I tried one dose of NAD+ and now my mood and energy are fantastic. This is a miracle molecule.”